Carenero, Panama

The best one piece found here

This one piece is the bomb. It’s so comfortable & fits in all the right places. It looks good on all body types & comes in at least 3 more colors. Get it in two colors! Beware, it does run a size small. I am wearing the large. I usually buy my swimsuits a bit smaller because I like a cheekier cut. If you are not into a cheekier cut, definitely get a size up than you normally would (maybe two sizes?). I might buy black next!

Carenero, Panama

Believe it or not this beauty is only a 5 minute boat ride from Bocas Town. As I said in my previous post we decided to stay in Bocas Town so we could easily take a taxi boat everywhere. Example A: Carenero. This island is not very inhabited (or developed). There are several restaurants / bars, a few vacation rental homes, and a few hostels, but most of those services are located directly across the water from Bocas Town. The other side of Careneros feels desolate. Just the way I like it.

Visit Carenero

We went to Carenero our first day in Bocas. We arrived at 11:00am and were there by 12:00pm. We spent the rest of the afternoon there and were back for dinner. Photos do not do Carenero justice. It’s one of my favorite islands we visited. It’s breathtaking and incredibly peaceful, and if you need anything, food / drinks, you can walk 10 minutes to the restaurant or bar and get whatever you need. The photo of the dreamy canopy bed was taken at my favorite bar on Carenero, you can rent them out for the entire day. I would not want to stay on the island unless we rented a beach house with a large group of people because it’s so isolated, but I would spend my days there. And we did just that.

You can wade out into the water for what feels like forever on Carnero, on some of the other islands this is not the case. The landscape of the beach, palm trees, and water is also more pale than the other islands. You can walk around the island until you find a spot you like. You can jump into the water while you are walking to find a spot you like (I recommend this).

We returned on the last day of our stay for lunch because there is a very good restaurant on the island that serves super fresh seafood. It was the perfect end to our trip.




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