Zapatillas, Panama

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I’m breaking Panama up into so many posts because there’s too much information! Too many beautiful photos and stories to share.

As I mentioned in my previous post you must reach Bocas del Toro by plane from Panama City or Costa Rica, then you to take a boat to Zapatilla, Careneros, or another island.

Zapatillas, Panama

Our day started with breakfast at the hotel & a stop at the market before we began our boat tour. We hopped into the boat and zipped off to explore new islands. The weather was perfect (thank goodness!), blue skies speckled with clouds. After cruising around a bit, we arrived at Zapatillas around noon.

Pulling up to the island is surreal, it’s like pulling up to a completely deserted world, which makes sense because the island is completely uninhabited! It’s part of a national park and everyone who comes during the day, must leave at night. Zapatillas is probably the most beautiful sand beach I’ve ever seen in my entire life. (No I have NOT said that yet!). Smooth white sand. Crystal clear water.  Uninhabited. Jungle that meets the sea, Annnnd I’m drooling. Does it get any better? No, not really.

The island is not very big, you can walk around the entire thing in about 40 minutes OR you can cheat and walk 5 minutes through the jungle and get to the other side. Zapatillas is long and narrow, creating more beach. Unlike Careneros (here), you don’t have to walk out very far into the water to be able to swim. There are reefs for snorkeling, and the fish come very close to shore. It’s unreal.

We spent the rest of the day on the beach, swimming, lounging, and loving life. When it was time to go I kissed Zapatillas goodbye, jumped back into the boat and off we went in search of sea stars. A tale for another time.

When in Bocas go to Zapatillas. I will not miss it when I return to Panama, it is one of the most magical places on this beautiful earth.




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