A Current Affair 2017 SF

A Current Affair – SF

Pick your jaw up off the floor Skyler.

That’s how my day at ACA in the Bay started. OH MY GOODNESS. How do I even begin? I took me awhile to put this post together because:

1. I’ve been insanely busy (yay!)

2. I wasn’t sure how put this event into words b/c it was so amazing.

3. I wanted this post to also incorporate tips for shopping high end vintage markets.

As Sophia Amoroso said “It’s the best vintage on the planet”. Well I haven’t been to every vintage show in every country so I can’t say, but I can tell you it’s nothing short of amazing.

I’ve been vintage shopping since I was a kid. I would beg my parents to take me to Berkeley to go vintage shopping on Telegraph, I would spend ALL day in those stores. My parents would take me to yard sales / the White Elephant sale (a huge used goods show in Oakland) / garage sales / thrift stores. I learn to ‘dig’ through the junk and get to the good stuff quickly. I’m an excellent ‘digger’. At A Current Affair there’s no digging. A confession: it’s straight up stressful. I could barely pull myself together to look through items and choose which ones I wanted to try on because there were too many options and too much good stuff. I felt like an over excited chihuahua. It was a lot.

The Vendors

Some of the best I’ve seen! I was a bit sad I didn’t see a few more of the best local vintage stores there, I was curious about that, but I was super happy to be able to shop inventory from vendors from L.A. and New York! What a treat. Some of my favorites were:

1. Souci Tassels

Based in L.A. Jewelry.

2. Afterlife Boutique

Based in SF. Clothing.

 3. Gypsy Hunter


4. Collection 

Based in L.A. Clothing.

5.  St.Lightning

Based in SF. Clothing & Jewelry. 

They are in no particular order. They are all fabulous!

The Prices

What are you paying for? Well there’s an entrance fee which changes depending on which ACA you attend and the items themselves can be pricey. This is not a ‘thrift’ market. This is a highly curated event attending by vintage lovers, designers, fashionistas, and the occasional celebrity. They have vintage Chanel, Gucci, Versace, Levi’s, and etc. But they also have a huge variety of pieces from less expensive designers. There’s something for everyone. Overall I do feel the items are a bit pricey; however, each vendor is bringing la crème de la crème of their inventory. They are not holding anything back for this show. This is where they come to sell their ‘it’ pieces. There were a few instances I felt an item was not worth the price and I politely expressed that to the owner and we negotiated. Do not be afraid to negotiate a price, but be respectful. This is someone’s business not a parking lot swap meet. I usually make a deal, especially if I am buying more than one thing. However, I want the vendor to be happy with the sale. Do not be that low-balling cheapskate client, it’s a bad look.

The Goods / The Mission

So if I was an A+ Fashion Blogger I would share everything that I bought at a Current Affair. But I’m going to be real with you. I totally forgot right as I was writing this!! Do not fret, I obviously remember the kick ass pieces I bought at ACA in the Bay and will be sharing them with you soon!

When you go to these types of events it’s extremely overwhelming. They have loud music, everyone is excited, there’s so many well dressed people. Then there’s too many things you like and want to try on, but there’s a million people in the dressing room. It’s beautiful chaos, but you will get overwhelmed in about 2 minutes. Look, chill out, go get an iced tea, take a breather, then come back. There are items there you’ve never seen before and so much good stuff you won’t be able to carry it all to the dressing room anyways so you need to have a game plan. A Mission. Here’s my ongoing list of items I ‘need’. For example:

1. An Amazing Jumpsuit

2. Vintage Gucci Loafers

3. Vintage Ferragamo Chunky Heels

4. ‘Perfect’ everyday black leather bag

5. ‘Perfect Fit’ Levi’s

Notice how specific these items are? I’ve been on the prowl for some of these items for more than a year now. I make it my ‘Mission’ to try and find one of these items on my list while I’m shopping at events like this because I know there’s a large and amazing selection. The catch? The item has to be ‘perfect’ and worth the splurge if it’s expensive. This list helps me stay focused amidst the chaos. I don’t need 6 pairs of brown sandals… I need black loafers. I don’t need another brown bag… I need an everyday black one. Think of this list as your blinders. Of course there are going to be times when you get off course and if you find an amazing piece get it! But let that piece be special. Life is too short to fill your wardrobe with ‘blah’ pieces.




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