Blue Houndstooth Blazer + Blue Woven Handbag






Blue Houndstooth Blazer

A great blue houndstooth blazer is a gem. There are some pieces in your wardrobe that are staples and simply cannot be replaced.  A good blazer jacket and handbag are prime examples, especially when they match.

Finding a Blue Houndstooth Blazer

Finding a blue houndstooth blazer is hard. When I first saw this one in Medellín, Colombia I almost put it back because I thought the houndstooth pattern was black and white. Thank goodness the sleeve caught in the sun and I saw that it was, in fact, blue and white.

I had to try on the blazer outside in the sunlight to see the true color. Oh, and it happened to fit like a glove! It’s one of the BEST blazers I’ve ever purchased and I will definitely be getting my wear out of it.


A Statement Piece

When I’m looking for a blazer, I do not always have a color or pattern in mind, I just know I want to find a statement piece. A blue houndstooth blazer is definitely a statement piece. It’s classic, sleek, comfortable, and goes with SO MUCH. You can dress houndstooth up or down, wear it during the day or night. It’s extremely versatile and I look for versatility in my wardrobe.

The Pattern

I prefer a larger size pattern houndstooth like the one on this blue houndstooth blazer but all sizes and colors look great. It’s simply a personal preference. I think a smaller pattern houndstooth would look great on a winter skirt and larger houndstooth patterns look better on blazers and jackets. Again, totally a personal preference, they are all beautiful patterns!



A Blue Houndstooth Blazer Needs A Blue Woven Handbag

When I got back from my trip to Colombia in April I was concerned that I was going to have to buy a new blue handbag to wear with my blue houndstooth blazer. It was either buy a new handbag or commit ‘fashion suicide’ (ha!) and wear a ‘mismatch handbag’.

Honestly, I probably would have just raided my mom’s closet(s) or my sister’s vintage store and found something, I’m a resourceful gal… Silly me, I had completely forgotten about this beautiful blue woven handbag because it was safely tucked under my bed in storage. It wasn’t until I was looking for summer bags that I came across it, and thank goodness.

Blue Woven Handbag: A Special Gift

This beautiful blue woven handbag was passed down to my mother and then to myself from my grandmother. I have quite a few handbags from my grandmother and I love it because it feels as if I’m carrying a part of her with me when I wear that handbag. It’s as if she’s my little fashionista guardian angel. She’s making sure I am dressed like a proper lady!

I also love wearing this woven handbag because it came from a completely different time… A much more stylish era. When people paid more attention to detail and truly cared about what they wore and how they presented themselves. So I will always take care of the little blue woven handbag, and be extra careful when I wear it out.

I wouldn’t necessarily call my grandmother my style icon but she certainly never left the house without a matching bag, hat, and scarf. Even if it was all cheetah print. She was a proper lady and I always deeply respected her for that.

Do you have a little blue woven handbag or something similar that carries sentimental value?



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