Sheer Floral Blouse

sheer floral blouse

sheer floral blouse

sheer floral blouse

sheer floral blouse

Sheer Floral Blouse

I recently picked up this sheer floral blouse and it’s perfect for a casual summer outfit. I’m in the city a few days a week so I tend to dress up a bit, and when I work from home I can wear whatever I want! So on the weekends, I try to find that happy medium. (Although I love getting dressed up…)

Sheer Floral Blouse: Finding It

I found this sheer floral blouse about a month ago at an open-air vintage market in Berkeley. It’s linen, super light and easy to wear. The embroidering on the edges makes this blouse special, it’s all hand stitched. Embroidery is all the craze this season, everyone is looking for a top, skirt, or dress with that special detailing. Vintage pieces are great if you are looking for pieces with that special flair. You’ll also probably be the only person around with that piece. It’s a win, win. Check your local vintage store for similar blouses. Try them on before you buy them…. Some new options are below.

Sheer Floral Blouse: With Denim

For my sheer floral top, I chose my new favorite pair of jeans from an amazing denim shop in the Bay Area, St.Lightning. I’ve spoken about them here. They have the best vintage denim selection. Vintage denim fits me 10x better than new denim so 90% of the time I’m in vintage jeans. Plus just look at the quality of the material. Are we moving backwards or what?

Sheer Floral Blouse: And a Woven Bag

My bag is from another local vintage shop in San Francisco. There were multiple people eyeing it, so I had to snag it up ASAP. Luckily I got it! It’s been a great everyday bag and perfect for summer / spring and for many seasons to come.

Sheer Floral Blouse: Shop

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Vintage Lee Jeans (similar here), Sheer Floral Blouse (vintage), bag (vintage)

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