September in Calabria Wearing HARP Daisy Hoops

september in calabria

september in calabria

September in Calabria

This year we spent September in Calabria making it for the tail end of summer. To be honest, we missed the bulk of summer and I thought I was going to be upset, but I’m not… Our town is a HUGE Italian tourist destination. Italians flock here from June to August every year. The streets are PACKED all day and all night for 3 months straight. Arriving in September, we missed the tourist rush. We missed the jam-packed beaches, overcrowded streets, and congested bars.

September in Calabria: What you Get

During September in Calabria, we get some peace and quiet. Isn’t’ that why people go on vacation? We are lucky enough to live a place where people only come to visit 3 months of the year so we get to enjoy it when everyone is gone. We get beaches to ourselves, open streets, and no long waits for restaurants. I should also add: the water is cleaner, it’s the start of tuna season, and the pomegranates and walnuts are getting ripe.

september in calabria

september in calabria

september in calabria

september in calabria


September in Calabria: The People

In September, everyone is more relaxed knowing that tourist season is over and they’re starting to get back to their normal schedules. Everything is empty. It’s as if everyone in town has said ‘Let’s just all take a time out’. It’s silent, peaceful and so beautiful. The castle has fewer visitors making it the perfect place for sunset photos. Oh and sunsets here are pretty magical. The sun sets into the sea beyond the castle. That could be the end of storybook right? ‘They were married at the castle just as the sun was setting into the sea beyond.’ I’d buy my kid that book. Maybe I’ll right it?

September in Calabria: The Fruit

During September in Calabria, we get: pomegranates, apples, Indian figs, and fresh walnuts. We get fresh porcini mushrooms, thick hog ragu, and pumpkin soups. I’ll be teaching these Italians how to make apple pie and a ‘real’ American cake.

Although the sun isn’t quite out as late and the nights have gotten cooler, summer isn’t quite over here yet. I think we will be swimming for a few more weeks. Then the crisp autumn days will force us out of the water. But then I think I’ll just buy a wetsuit.

I’m wearing HARP flower hoops. Read more about Shelly and HARP here.




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