Levi’s + Tan Bucket Bag in Sila

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Tan Bucket Bag and Levi’s

A tan bucket bag and a pair of Levi’s just go together. You know, there are things that just go together like: peanut butter and jelly, bread and butter. cereal and milk. They just make sense. Old washed Levi’s and a tan bucket bag fit into that category.

Tan Bucket Bag: Which Brand

This tan bucket bag was handmade by a company called Minnie + George, located in Portland, Oregon. I’d been ogling this bag for weeks at the Seedstore in San Francisco before I finally pulled the trigger and bought it as an early birthday gift to myself. I love Minnie + George‘s products because everything is well made and super easy to wear.

Tan Bucket Bag: Is it Convertable?

This tan bucket bag easily converts into a backpack. All I have to do is unclasp the shoulder strap on the side, pull it through a leather loop on the back, and reclasp to side. Easy peasy!

Tan Bucket Bag: The Size

This bucket bag is the medium-large size, they do make other sizes. I opted for this size because I was going to be traveling around Europe and need a cute a sturdy bag to carry my camera. Let’s be honest most camera bags are ugly…. This tan bucket bag definitely helped me get through that trip comfortably, and of course…. in style. I’ve linked the one I have from Minnie and George here. Find some similar style and the rest of this look below!

Reliable Levi’s

I’ve always been a huge fan of Levi’s, especially the vintage kind. Vintage Levi’s fit my 10X better than any new pair of jeans because they were simply made better. The denim is thicker and the stitching is heavy. Vintage Levi’s were jeans made to last. Now pair all the good ol’ craftsmanship of Levi with the high-quality material and stitching of a classic tan bucket bag and you have a match made to last.

tan bucket bag | Fashion blog

A Day in Sila, Calabria

If I had to compare Sila to a place in California it would be Lake Tahoe, or Truckee and the year would be 1932. It would be before the tourist boom and casinos would be the farthest things from people’s minds.

Sila is a series of mountains, it snows in the winter, and is dry and hot in the summer. People flock to the area during both seasons; however, I’d say it’s more of a winter town. All of the buildings have steep slopes roofs, there are cute little log cabins, and of course stone chimneys. There are plenty of ski lifts and resorts for the snow bunnies and it turns into quite the picturesque winter wonderland.

Sila, Italy: Porcini Mushrooms

It’s currently porcini mushrooms season in Sila. The area is quite famous for its abundance of fresh porcini mushrooms and there are dozens of local markets and vendors you can buy them from. Unfortunately, during our day trip, the area hadn’t experienced its first rain so there were no porcini mushrooms to be found! Thankfully we’re only an hour drive away so we will be back to get our mushrooms when the time is right.

Sila, Italy: The Day

We started out our daily fairly early, leaving the house in the morning to get to Sila and explore one of the towns before lunch. The drive from Le Castella to Sila is beautiful! We went up into the hills on windy rodes through trees and fields, past happy cows and goats, and tons and tons of tunnels! Calabria is famous for its tunnels. This place is full of them because there are just so many hills. It makes exploring so much fun because you never know what’s on the other side of the abyss.

The rode sent us toward the top of the hills past adorable log cottages, ins, and barns. It was a Sunday so when we finally arrived the town was full of people. Italians are big on eating out on Sundays because it’s their ‘family’ day so the streets were full of families walking about, the cafes were crowded and everyone was waiting for the restaurants to open for lunch at 1:00pm.

We meandered into a family run market to pick up some pasta, chocolates, and delicatessen native to the area. After we stopped down the Street for un cafe and then began out hunt for some natural Sila Aqua. Sila is also famous for its clean mountain water and there are often lines to fill up water bottles at fountains. We did not like the fountain we found that day so we decided to move on to search for mushrooms! We quickly learned the area had not had its first rain so the mushrooms were not ready yet.

Slightly defeated we decided it was best to go for a drive before lunch. We ended up at the lake photographed above and decided to take some photos. This lake is the strangest body of water I have ever seen in my life. It’s much cleaner in the winter and people often go fishing in it. I felt like I was back in the U.S. as I was standing on the shore. It was as if I was back in Arizona and I had just found a body of water in the middle of the dessert. Talk about bizarre! But it was definitely cool.

For lunch we went to an Amazing restaurant in the area and spent 3 hours at the table! I thought I was going to burst by the time we left. All in all I’d say it was a successful day in Sila and we will be back in a few weeks to get our mushrooms!



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