Why Style Trends Don’t Matter

Why Style Trends Don’t Matter

Say What? ‘What about those white boots I was about to buy!’ Well, I’m not telling you not to buy them, just don’t spend too much money on them… like at all. Trends are, uh, well trendy. That means they are here today, gone tomorrow. I don’t know about you, but I’m not into spending money on something that could blow away with the wind at any moment…. I want to invest my money in pieces that have been around and are going to be around for awhile. Enter: timeless pieces. You know, the stuff your grandmother told you to buy so you’d dress like a ‘lady’. I’m kidding. You don’t have to spend your money on a two piece skirt suit fit for a newscaster in 1984. Unless that’s your thing, then go for it. There are a few things I like to spend money on every couple of years (because clothes should last longer than a season). Here’s what they are:

1. Splurge on Coats

Duh. They are large and in charge and save your butt when it’s freezing outside. Stop being a cheapskate and go buy a quality jacket. Actually I’ve already done the work for you, so you really have no excuse. There’s a bunch of cute & high quality jackets below. You’re welcome.

When choosing a coat look for a good fit around the waist, proper arm length (no short sleeves, you can always alter long sleeves), & length of coat. I am tall (5′ 8″, Victoria Secret said I was 1 1/2″ too short to be an Angel) so I tend to go for longer coats, & by long I mean knee length or full length. For my petite gals, I would not choose a long coat unless it’s very thin / light weight.

2. Invest in Shoes / Boots

STOP BUYING CHEAP SHOES / BOOTS. One pair of high quality boots will kick your cheap boots butt three times over. They were literally MADE to last longer. I have a pair of brown Frye boots I wear continuously in the winter. I’ve had them resoled twice and they simply won’t die. They were 100% worth every single penny. For high heel boots (and some cowboy boots) I take them to the shoesmith and have a heel / tap on BEFORE I even wear them. This protects your boots from get worn out because you’re never using the original heel / sole. In Oakland it costs me between $15 – $30 per pair of shoes. It can add years to a pair of shoes, so the cost is well justified. (Another Tip: I also do this with my favorite pairs of heels!) Get a recommendation for a shoesmith from a friend or colleague before you hand over your shoes. 

All in all, I love to protect my shoes and this tip has saved my butt too many times. Plus, better to be safe than sorry right?

Below are a few fall boots that are truly beautiful and classic. Plus you’ll be able to wear all of them into spring!

3. Invest in Bags

Social Media is FLOODED with the new designer ‘it’ bags (aka style trends). I know it’s tempting to go out and grab that new amazing designer bag or something similar because everyone seems to have it but you. But just think about this, bags that are ‘in’ right now are going to be ‘out’ just as quickly because they are style trends. I remember in 2005, there was a Celìne bag that EVERYONE wanted. There was a huge waiting list and people were just going crazy for this bag. Even Madonna was having a hard time finding it! Anyone remember this? I actually bought a really good knockoff of it! (I was 15). Fashion moves extremely quickly, but there is such a thing as overdoing it with the style trends. And now that I remember that bag, it was so ugly! Ha! 

This doesn’t mean you should never spend money on bags again… This means you should choose what you spend money on more carefully. Good news! Fall is the perfect time to invest in a good handbag that is going to carry you all the way through spring. And by invest I don’t mean you have to spend thousands of dollars on a bag. Below are some truly classic and timeless bags. Bags you’ll be wearing this year, next year, and for years after that. Also, I don’t think women should have to sell or get rid of their wardrobes season after one season. Do you?

I feel any woman can look amazing without following style trends. It’s not about ‘how up-to-date’ your closet is, it’s about how well your clothes fit and if they flatter your body type. All women deserve to look and feel good. So next time you feel ‘pressured’ into following a style trend or you want to buy something so you’ll feel ‘hip’, STOP and ask yourself: ‘Is this a style trend? Is this an investment piece? Will I be wearing this next year or in 5 years?’ If the answer is no, put it back OR don’t splurge on it. Style trends don’t last, remember? 

So tell me, do you think style trends matter? If so, why and to what extent?

I truly hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post! Please leave a comment below, especially if you have any questions!

Talk to you soon!



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