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updating your bedding

How often should you be updating your bedding?

Well, how often SHOULD you be updating your bedding? I’m not talking about how often you should be washing your sheets (I say every 2 weeks). I’m talking about how often you should give your bed a makeover and throw away that sad excuse of a comforter you’ve had forever…. and if you just said to yourself ‘OMG she knows’, then well, it’s definitely time to toss it!

Updating your bedding: The Room

What’s the very first thing you see when you walk into your bedroom? For most people, it’s the bed because it’s the largest piece of furniture in the room and immediately draws your eye. With that said, we should all show our beds a little respect and make it look nice.

Since the bed is the centerpiece of your room, you should make it look nice. If you cover the bed with a ragtag piece of fabric it’s going to bring down the entire aesthetic of the space. If you use a brown comforter, the entire room is going to look brown. You see what I’m saying? You should be updating your bedding regularly if you want to modernize the space, your bed affects the space more than you think.

Updating your bedding: The Sheets

When’s the last time you bought new sheets? It’s one of my favorite comforts that I will never take for granted. Every time I buy them I run home and cannot wait to put them on the bed so we can ‘start fresh’.

I love a nice clean white bed. I know we see them time and time again… It’s not very ‘original’ of me to love a white bed, but I just can’t help it. There’s something so inviting about it that I can’t resist. Plus it helps to brighten up the room. Your sheets should be the accent to your bedding. If you want some color on your bed I recommend picking a colorful set of sheets.

Updating your bedding: The Comforter

How’s your comforter hanging in there? I bought a new down comforter a few years back and am so happy I tossed the old one. Man, was it time. I use a duvet cover so it makes cleaning easy and I can change the color whenever I want, although, I rarely stray from white.

Updating your bedding: Self Care

When it all comes down to it, you should be updating your bedding for your comfort. Physically, aesthetically, and emotionally. We spend so much time in our beds, it’s really important that’s it’s a nice (and pretty) place. I’m speaking with a background in design and architecture, and my professional opinion is that your bedroom and bed is the most important place in the house because it’s where you start and finish your day. You owe it to yourself to invest in that space.

Updating your bedding: Shop

So, what do you think? Should you be updating your bedding more than you are now? What needs to be replaced? Sheets, pillows, the comforter? Replace them, it’s time. Below are some great options for sheets and comforters. And also bedding makes a great holiday gift! More on that here and here.

Duvet Cover: here

Sheets: here and here

Blanket: here


Thanks for reading! See you next time.

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