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Must-Have Shoes for Fall

3 Must-Have Shoes for Fall

Here’s my roundup of my must-have shoes for fall! I am a creature of habit. Once I find a pair of shoes I love and are comfortable, there is NO going back. Here are my top picks for fall (spoiler: they’re all pretty classic shoes you need to own).

1. Black Chelsea Boots

Every woman needs to own a pair of good Chelsea Boots with a slight heel. It’s not up for discussion it’s a fact and these are definite must-have shoes for fall. Black Chelsea Boots are the MVP of my closet. Where ever I go, they go. I try to leave them behind when I go on trips but they always end up in my suitcase! They are a staple shoe for fall and winter and will last you forever if you invest in a good pair. Quality over quantity on this one for sure.

2. Chunky High Heel Loafers

Every 90’s girl dream! Remember when Barbie had those super cute chunky high heel loafers. Well, I found them in adulthood, and I bought them. See, dreams do come true! The only thing better than a traditional loafer is a high heel loafer. For fall, the only thing better than a traditional loafer is a burnt orange high heel loafers, making these definite must-have shoes for falls. See more High Heel loafer amazingness here.

3. Classic Burgundy Loafers

The classic loafer, which is actually perfect for any type of year (except winter). My favorite color loafer is burgundy and must-have shoes for fall. Burgundy has always been my favorite color for fall and I think it’s hilarious when I hear people say ‘burgundy is in for fall’. Mind you burgundy for fall is not trend. It’s a fall color that will be here forever!

Those are my must-have shoes for fall. They match all of my favorite bags, so it’s the perfect match for all of us.

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