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Camel Winter Outfit

I love a good camel winter outfit! During the fall and winter, we see a lot of oranges, browns, reds, and greens. I love these colors but sometimes I just want to stick to the good ol’ basic camel, it’s almost as if this color keeps me grounded! Plus I find camel to be refreshing amongst the sea of red and green during the holidays. Sometimes you need to take a breather from the Christmas hustle, you know what I mean?

Camel Winter Outfit: Camel Coat

No camel winter outfit is complete without a camel coat and I truly don’t think I could make it through winter without mine (previously seen here and here). It’s a staple in my closet, and I wear it several times a week. I’ve said it a million times and I’m going to say it again: I truly think, from the bottom of my heart no woman’s closet is complete without one great camel coat. It’s one of the most practical garments you will ever own. It’s right up there with a black handbag and a white t-shirt. You just need it in your closet.


Camel Winter Outfit: Yellow Plaid Bell Sleeves

Next step to creating a great camel winter outfit is a fun top. I chose a yellow plaid top from Nordstrom with giant bell sleeves because I love the detail it creates at the bottom of the coat sleeve. It adds a whole other level of drama to the outfit and I am all for it! If I could wear a dramatic sleeve every day without knocking over half the things in my house, I would! Unfortunately, I can’t do that because the sleeve would probably catch on fire, I’m a candle lover.

Camel Winter Outfit: Denim Bell Bottoms

I chose to pair my giant bell sleeves with denim bell bottoms and was going for some major 70’s vibes. I’ve always had a thing for bell bottoms, and was patiently waiting for them to come back in style. Thankfully, it feels like just about anything goes right now if the world of fashion and I’ll be wearing these bad boys regularly.


Camel Winter Outfit: Black Boots

Is any camel winter outfit complete without a pair of good boots? I think not, so I picked up a pair of classic leather boots last month (previously seen here) and I’ve been wearing them non stop since. I try to pick up a great pair of black leather boots every year for fall and winter. Between wearing them on Italian cobble streets and traveling with them, my poor boots get beat to death!

Camel Winter Outfit: Shop

Shop more options for this look:

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Black Boots: here and here

I hope you found some amazing pieces today and got some major inspiration for your camel winter outfit!

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