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holiday gifts for her

Perfect Holiday Gifts for Her

It’s that time of year again, and you need help, so I’ve created this Holiday Gift Guide full of perfect holiday gifts for her, whoever she is. Let’s call it giftspiration.

We all do it. We forget what our mom, dad, sister, brother, or significant other wants for Christmas, OR someone else has already bought them what they want so now you have to think of something else to give them… But what do they want? Don’t worry, there are tons of amazing Holiday gifts for her and I’m going to narrow it down for you to make life easy. Welcome to my ultimate Holiday gift guide for Her.

Holiday Gifts for Her: Under $30

What does she want for Christmas? I’m talking about your mother, sister, friend, fiance, or wife? She’ll LOVE these pieces and you know what’s even better? All of these items are super affordable and some can even be used as stocking stuffers! Happy shopping!

Holiday Gifts for Her: Under $50

I’m so pleased with the sweaters and bags under $50 this year (another amazing one here). The sales are insane! I wish I could keep all these goodies for myself! Speaking of which… you might want to buy something for yourself as well as your loved ones… Nothing wrong with a little self-love, just remember who you’re here for today.

Holiday Gifts for Her: Under $150

All gifts in this section are under $150; however, most are under $100. This is where you will find a mix of luxury and affordable items. These would also make amazing gifts for your fiance or wife. This section is also great for those who want to spoil their sisters, mothers, and friends.

Holiday Gifts for Her: The SPLURGE

For those that like to go big or go home. Luxury items can be found here. Look the black boots at the end! I have similar ones here.


Holiday Gift Guide: What do People Really Want during the Holidays?

Well? What do people really want during the holidays? The ‘correct’ answer would be ‘nothing, except to enjoy time with their friends and family’, but I’m not talking about that, I’m talking about presents. People want things they will actually use. They don’t want another chachki they’re afraid of throwing away because you’ll ask about it next time you come over. Those always end up collecting dust on their bookshelf for the next 15 years, so get the people what they want: practical gifts they will love.

I hope you enjoyed this gift guide as much as I enjoyed making it! I wish you Happy Holidays and happy shopping!



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