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perfect holiday gifts for him

Perfect Holiday Gifts for Him

It’s holiday shopping time so I decided to put together a post full of perfect holiday gifts for him, whoever he is: father, brother, grandfather, or friend. It’s either really easy to shop for a man or it’s really easy. There’s really no in between, have you noticed that? There’s a variety of price ranges for everyone, and tons of options.

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Perfect Holiday Gifts for Him: Under $30

In this section you’ll find holiday gifts for him under $30. I’m so pleased with the selection of jackets, sweaters, and wallets under $30 this year! There’s also gloves, socks, and hats.

Perfect Holiday Gifts for Him: Under $50

Here you’ll find holiday gifts for him all under $50. One of my favorite items this year is the trimmer on the second page. It’s perfect for keeping any man’s beard in line and it comes with so many different attachments. I bought my husband a trimmer last year and I think I’m happier he’s using it than he is!

Perfect Holiday Gifts for Him: Under $150

So many good holiday gifts for him under $150. My favorites are the cognac boots and cognac bag. I’m a sucker for a head to toe cognac look! There’s also some killer jackets. As you can see here I’m a huge fan of camel coats!

Perfect Holiday Gifts for Him: SPLURGE

Splurge it up! For those who like to splurge during the holidays (and probably year-round). You’ll find so many goodies here! The men’s crossbody bags and jackets are amazing. Whoever he is, you’re spoiling him. Good for you.

That’s it for Holiday gifts for him. I hope you found some amazing presents for your fiance, husband, father, brother, or friend! Whoever he is, he’s seriously lucky to have you shopping for him.

I want to thank you for stopping by Navigating This today and I wish you a very Happy Holiday! I’ll be keeping this post and this post up to date for the next few weeks so you can get your shopping done.
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