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snakeskin boots under $100

Snakeskin Boots

Snakeskin boots!! Say what? Sometimes I feel sad I wasn’t born in an earlier generation because I love the fashion from earlier decades so much. I think I would have worn a sequined jumpsuit, blown our curls, and platform snakeskin boots very well. I’m just sayin… But then I remember it’s 2017 and we can where WHATEVER we want and I feel relieved. I think today anything goes in fashion, and that’s amazing! What a time to be alive.

Today I ‘m going to show you 7 pairs of the best snakeskin boots under 100. I love snakeskin boots, I think they are so cute and chic. They add the extra pizzaz to your outfit that you need every now and again.

Snakeskin Boots: The Statement Shoe of the Season

I’m all for a good statement shoe, but it needs to be a classic. I’m not super into the floral or patterned boots, I like leathers, faux animal skins, and velvets. I can go for the nylon boot, but for the most part, I like sturdier materials and solid colors. Call me old-fashioned but this is just the way I am! Snakeskin boots are the ultimate statement boot. They look good with everything. I’ve been a fan my whole life (thanks mom for letting me raid your closet). so I decided to share some of my favorite statement boots for fall and winter with you.

Now when I am looking for a good snakeskin boot, I tend to go with a heel because I’m going to wear them with cropped jeans and I want my legs to look longer (I’m obsessed with looking leaner). Heels and cropped jeans do the trip for me. Top it off with a tucked in button down or tee-shirt and you have a perfect go-to everyday look.

7 Pairs of the Best Snakeskin Boots Under $100

Below I’ve linked 7 pairs of the best snakeskin boots under $100. They are all perfect for fall, winter, and everyday use! I think the Topshop ones are my favorite pair! They have the perfect size heel and the color is gorgeous.

Let me know which ones you like the most!



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