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All Blue Outfit

This all blue outfit was just what I needed after the sea of red, white, and green of the holidays. I think the holidays are the only time I wear red, I prefer cooler colors such as green, blue, and burgundy. Living close to the sea definitely influences my choice of colors. When I look out the glass doors of our living room all I see is a bright blue sea running into a giant sky and I can’t help but feel inspired. Calabria will do that to you.


My favorite colors are without a doubt blue and white. I always feel drawn to clean white space with soft light. There’s something so refreshing about that kind of space, and it’s where I feel my best and most creative.

I love an all blue ensemble with brown accents (also seen here). I think the two compliment each other so well. I honestly think I could wear different shades of the color every day for the rest of my life and be perfectly happy!

H&M Blue Knit Sweater

I picked up this light blue knit sweater from h&m. I surprising didn’t have a sweater in this color and snagged up this one while I still could. I decided to size down because I often layer my sweaters in the fall and winter and always try to avoid the bunchy look. I’m wearing a size small.

Is it just me or is h&m killing it this year? Their outer pieces have been especially fierce this season and I feel like every time I visit a store I want to try on everything. Their jackets, blazers, and sweaters have been consistently chic and easy to wear.

Blue Blazer

No blue outfit is complete with a blue blazer / coat. I have a thing for blue blazers (here’s proof) and I use any excuse I can to wear one. This oversized coat is VELVET and feels luxurious as can be. It has pockets aka a girl’s best friend and the length is perfect.

I’m 5’8″ and love wearing oversized blazers, it’s often hard to find an oversized blazer that’s long enough. This is a men’s slim coat, creating the perfect oversized look for my height. I never shy away from the men’s sections in stores (or my husband’s closet) because I want all of my pieces to fit me well, sometimes that means veering away from the woman’s section.


The earrings (previously seen here) are handmade by fabulous jeweler Shelly Harper of Harp. These are the daisy hoops, I love the delicacy of all of her designs. These earrings are perfect for everyday wear. They also bring a bit of life back to any outfit because that’s what daisies do!

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All Blue Outfit
Article Name
All Blue Outfit
Today I'm sharing an all blue outfit with you! It's the end of holidays and it's been a sea of red, white, and green. I needed a little fresh air.

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