How to Decorate a Small Home for Christmas

Today I’m sharing how to decorate a small home for Christmas! Our home in Italy is quite cozy and as much as I love it, it can be difficult to decorate because I have a habit of ‘overdoing it’.
What can I say? I love holiday cheer; however, I do not want it to look as if Christmas exploded in our house.

Keep the Christmas Decorations Simple

Do yourself a favor and keep the Christmas decorations simple! I know it’s really easy to go overboard with the holiday cheer in a small home because there’s not a lot of space for decorations and you just love the holidays so much!
Take some time to think about your decorations, choose pieces wisely and sparingly. Do you really need 16 nutcrackers on the mantle? Would the space feel larger without all the garland and lights everywhere? Do you really need a dancing Santa Claus on the bookshelf?
In a large home, it’s easy to throw Christmas decorations on every door, window sill, fireplace, and wall available. If you have decorations everywhere in a small home it’s going to look cramped and even smaller!
The best spaces always feel large, open, and airy. Are your Christmas decorations drowning your room? This is a question you should be asking yourself as you go around spreading Christmas cheer in your home.



Keep Empty Wall Space Away from Christmas Decorations

You don’t need a wreath and a Christmas tree made of lights on every wall. I promise people will still know you love Christmas if you take down three of your four advent calendars. Your wall decorations and hangings can easily make your room look smaller and your ceiling lower. Do you want to live in a small low room? I certainly don’t!
Here in Italy empty wall space doesn’t exist. There are paintings and artwork in every house on every wall. I can’t stand it because it makes me feel claustrophobic and I removed (almost) all the wall hangings when we moved into our home. It made the space look small and cluttered.

Think about it like this: the more items you pack into a room the smaller it’s going to look. Especially if it’s a small room. So keep some wall space empty and enjoy it!
We are so lucky to have super high ceilings so I feel comfortable hanging wreaths and other wall decorations. I still only hang wall decorations sparingly because I want the space to look as open and tall as possible.


Get a Smaller Christmas Tree

A giant Christmas tree for the holidays sounds like a dream come true for many! That giant tree comes at a cost. Can you guess what it is? It makes your room look smaller.
Giant trees belong in giant rooms, small trees belong in small rooms. It’s about proportion. We have an artificial tree we bought this year that I adore! When we move into a larger home (or remodel) I’ll use it in another room as a secondary tree.

This is my first year having an artificial tree and I have to say I’m really enjoying it because I know when the season is over I can store it away. I also like the idea of not uprooting a tree from it’s ‘home’. I do miss the smell of a fresh Christmas tree; however, we have candles so that’s an easy fix!


Decorate a Welcoming Christmas Corner / Wall

I love creating a welcoming Christmas corner or wall in our home. It’s where I spend the most time and energy decorating and where I spend most of my time during the holidays.
Growing up in Oakland, Ca our living room was the Christmas Corner of our home. I loved the time I spent in that space helping my mom decorate the tree and unwrapping all 7831098432543 of my mom’s nutcrackers. She has an insane collection that could rival any toy store BTW. Those memories stuck with me and today I crave a space that is full of holiday cheer!

Do you have a space or corner in your home you love to decorate? Maybe it’s the fireplace, or next to the tree. For some, it may be the dining room or kitchen. There’s no wrong place for a Christmas corner because it’s for your own pleasure.

Tree: here and here

Slacks: here, here, and here

Top: here and here

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