Simple Winter Outfit

Simple Winter Outfit

Simple Winter Outfit

Simple Winter Outfit

Simple Winter Outfit

Simple Winter Outfit

We usually don’t have hours to plan an outfit and get for the day, so I’m sharing one simple winter outfit that you can mix and match to make your own. You’ll end up wearing this outfit over and over without realizing it because it’s so easy to put together. I’m going to start with outerwear and accessories because that’s the foundation of this outfit.

Simple Winter Outfit: Black Coat

A high-quality, versatile black coat is a foundational piece of a simple winter outfit. Think of your outfit as a boat: the black coat would be the hull, so it’s what carries the load of the outfit. It doesn’t matter if the coat is long or short, it just needs to fit you really well and look great with jeans, slacks, and dresses.

I love this black coat (previously seen here) because it’s super versatile. I’ve worn it with slacks, dresses, and jeans. Like I said, versatile. I chose this black wool coat from Sisley because I love the length and cut. When I wear it closed the coat looks modern, and when it’s open it’s casual. It’s always a plus if the jacket has pockets!

Simple Winter Outfit

Simple Winter Outfit: Black Boots

Nice everyday black boots are another staple of a simple winter outfit. You might be tired of me saying this but I have to say it again: every woman should own a great pair of black boots.

Simple Winter Outfit: Burgundy Bag and Hat

Next up for your simple winter outfit is your accent color bag and hat. I chose burgundy, it’s one of my favorite colors for fall and winter and I have the perfect burgundy bag to match (previously seen here). In order for this outfit to look 100% put together your hat and bag really need to match. The good thing is it really doesn’t matter what accent color you choose, if could be any color. The most important part isn’t that your bag and hat match.

A couple years ago, I really didn’t care if my bag and hat matched, as long as they ‘went well’ together. I started dating an Italian and oh my didn’t he have opinions about what I was wearing. Not in a mean-spirited way, he would just tell me “amore that doesn’t match” or “amore that doesn’t look good together” or my personal favorite “amore those shoes are RUDE!”.

We’re married now and Giuseppe still critiques my outfits even though I’m the Fashion Blogger, but he taught me a lot about classic Italian design and certain fashion rules that 99% of the time should not be broken. One of those rules is: your hat and bag need to match. It’s a really old school fashion rule, but it still rings true today.

Now that I’ve started paying attention to my wardrobe I always follow this rule because it’s true and it helps me get dressed faster in the morning.

Simple Winter Outfit

Simple Winter Outfit: Black and White Top

I chose a simple black and white long sleeve top because it adds a bit of color to the outfit. It also adds a bit of a french touch, which I love! Any long sleeve top can be worn with this outfit as long as the color is neutral. Think white, black, or cream. Choose a neutral color that’s going to compliment your accent well.

Simple Winter Outfit: Good Denim

I LOVE a good denim and these pair of jeans are my favorite (previously seen here and here). I know I wear them all the time and you’re probably wondering why I don’t wear a different pair, but it’s hard to pull away from a pair that fit so well… If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? Find a few great pairs of jeans and wear them in intervals with your favorite simple outfits.

Simple Winter Outfit: Shop

Black Coat: here and here

Black Boots: here and here

Burgundy Bag: here and here

Burgundy Hat: here and here

Black and White Top: here and here

Good Denim: here and here

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Simple Winter Outfit

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