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Stocking Stuffers for Christmas: The Ultimate List

Today I’ll be sharing the ultimate list of stocking stuffers for Christmas. It’s going to be a long one. Believe it or not the holidays are almost upon us and it’s time to get shopping! I’ve also created Holiday Gift Ideas for Her and Him.

Stocking Stuffers for Christmas: You Just Don’t Know

Are you looking for stocking stuffers for your mother, sister, brother, father, a grandparent, significant other, or best friend? yes! Great, I’ve categorized everything below for you to shop for that special loved one. Hint: practical gifts always make the best stocking stuffers for Christmas.


An Ornament

I love getting ornaments as Christmas presents because it’s a simple yet meaningful gift and I’ll actually use it. Every time I look at my Christmas tree I’ll see the ornament my mom, sister, or friend gave me and think about them. This is one of the best stocking stuffers out there. I especially love the ornaments from World Market.

Ornaments I espcially love: here and here

 Thin Scarves

Does she love silk scarves? Does she actually wear them? If so, this is the perfect gift to use as a stocking stuffer! I recommend keeping it in a small box that fits into the stocking.

Small candles

My mom put a mini-sized candle in my stocking stuffer a few years back, I thought ‘I’m literally never going to use this, but thanks mom!’. I WAS WRONG. I brought that candle with us on road trips to Sonoma and Napa and kept it in the bathroom and / or bedroom. I burned it all the way down, it was perfect to use in Airbnb’s. One of the most useful stocking stuffers I’ve ever received. I especially loves this one and this one.

Lipstick / Moisturizer / Lip Scrubs

A girl likes to keep her lips hydrated and fresh, especially during those winter months. A lip scrub is also a great option, she’ll feel pampered. Options: here and here.

Socks / Stockings / Gloves

Practical Gifts are always winners, especially for Christmas. Buy her something she will actually use and can wear regularly.

Watches / Rings / Bracelets / Other Jewels

Watches, rings, and other jewelry make GREAT stocking stuffers because they are small. However, I must say: we like to save the expensive pieces for under the tree. I’m a firm believer that stockings are the ‘appetizer’ to the real gifts. But eeryone does things differently so do whatever works for your family.

Small Wallets and Change Purses

Again, small items make the best stocking stuffers. Get a change purse for the lady in your life’s who’s always digging for change at the bottom of her bag.

Travel Nail Kit

For the gal who likes to keep her claws in line.


Sunglasses are a great gift, just make sure you know which pair she’s been ogling before you make the purchase. Sunglasses are personal.

Bars of Soap

Bars for soap are great stocking stuffers! She can use them in her bath, the guest bath, or to scent a drawer.


Pins are sort of an old fashioned thing. Is she into that? This may be a great gift for grandma. They are small so will fit well in the stocking.

Gift Cards

Surprise her with a gift card to her favorite restaurant, spa, sports good store, or any other store!



My dad loves cigars.

Beanie / Gloves / Socks

Again, practical gifts make the best stocking stuffers. He will appreciate you getting him the things he needs most during these cold winter months!


If you know which pair of sunglasses he’s been eyeing for the past couple weeks buy them for him for Christmas. Sunglasses are personl, but if you know which pair he wants then it’s a great gift.

Tickets to a Game / Event

Surprise him with tickets to an event he can go to with his guy friends. Unless you and your man both love sports / the same events then you’ll surprise him with tickets for a fun night out together!

Gift Cards

A gift card to his favorite sports store, spa, restaurant, or sporting center. The holidays are a good time to spoil him with whatever he likes.


 Mini Cars / Trucks / Dolls

Small toys make wonderful stocking stuffers because they can easily fit into the stocking and are perfect for travel.

Colored Pencils / Markers / Crayons

I don’t know a child who doesn’t like to color and I remember how excited I used to get when I received a new set of crayons / markers to color with! I heard they are bringing back the smelly colored markers…

Candy / Gum / Mints

Kids + Candy = Heaven. Need I say more?

Mini Reading Book

This is a great gift to keep them occupied in the car (if they don’t get sick).

Mini Gadgets / Headphones

I used to listen to a ton of audiobooks when I was a kid. They are what kept me occupied on road trips and I wasn’t old enough to read long books by myself. I think it’s what started my love for audiobooks today. A good pair of headphones will keep your kid happy while they listen to audiobooks or music.


 Pocket Size Poem Book

So they never have to go a day without a poem in their pocket. How romantic!

Small Notepad

They say writers always need to keep a notepad on the nightstand right? This is perfect for the creative writer.

Bookstore gift card (Also redeemable Online)

Only if they actually still read books. Most have transitioned to reading things digitally, via kindle or ipad. Most large bookstores allow gift cars to be redeemd online, please check before you purchase!

Audible by Amazon Book Credits

Audible is amazing and you should also buy this for yourself. I have Audible by Amazon and I’ve ‘read’ (listened to) more than 10 books this year. This is especially helpful for those who spend a large amount of time in the car or do a lot of repetitive tasks… It gives them something else to listen to besides the radio and news.


Markers / Colored Pencils / Charcoal

Try to find out what brand this artist like best and get them a few different colors of each. If you don’t know ask someone at the art store.

Nice Pens / Pencils

Artists need to sketch and draw before they create there master pieces. Pencils and pens help get that done.

Art Store Gift Certificate

Do you know how much art materials cost?! It’s pretty insane. Help this artist out by gifting them a gift certificate to their favorite art store. They will truly love you for it, this is also at the top of my list for stocking stuffers.

Gift Certificate for Art Classes

They will be so grateful for this present! Regardless of their level an artist can always learn something new or try a new style.

Small / Portable Paint Brushes

So they can take their art on the go! These also make great stocking stuffers because it will widen their range of paing tools and wil fit perfectly in that stocking. Check your local art store.


 Certificate for Cooking Classes

My mom is a huge cook and loves learning new style of cooking. I think a certificate for cooking classes is the best stocking stuffers for someone with a pasion for cooking.

Spices and Salts

A wonderful stocking stuffer for a cook because they’re always looking for a high-quality seasoning to test in their kitchen!

Certificates for online food Service

Think a gift card for those online steak services! Such as Omaha Steaks or Kansas City Steaks.


 Hand Lotion

A small hand lotion she (or he) can keep in the guest bath or next to the kitchen sink because you know she’s washing her hands all day as she cooks and cleans for the guests.

Bars of Soap

I love receiving bars of soap as stocking stuffers because they are so versatile. She / he will get creative in how they use them.

Mini Candle

Mini candles are great stocking stuffers because they can be used anywhere around the house to freshen things up.

Mini Handbrush

To clean under the nails after the forgot to use gloves to clean the stove! This can also be used for cleaning if she / he doesn’t need it for her hands. It’s also the perfect size and weight for a stocking stuffer.





Playing Cards

Candy and Chocolate

Gift Cards

That concludes this extensive list of Holiday stocking stuffers! I’ve also put together Holiday Gift Ideas for Her and Him if you’re interested.

I wish you and your family a very Happy Holiday!



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