What to Wear for Christmas

The holidays are here, what you are going to wear for Christmas? It feels as if every other day is a holiday here in Calabria in December. There’s always a lunch or party at someone’s house celebrating a relatives ‘name day’ or a religious holiday I’ve never heard of. The home of Catholicism is a very interesting and fun place to live.

All these festivities provide me with an opportunity to wear my fun Christmas outfits! The only dilemma: Calabrians eat a lot, I’m talking non-stop. I’m not a fan of overeating, but I must try everything Calabrians make during this time of year because it’s my first Italian holiday and I want to taste everything.

I’m a huge foodie and take pride in the fact that I will eat just about anything (as long as it’s not still moving!). It’s fun because Calabrians cook a lot ‘exotic’ foods. This means the holidays double as a food festival for me which means I need room in my holiday outfits to eat. Can anyone else relate?

Today I’m breaking down what to wear for Christmas (and how to stay comfortable). During the holidays you should look and feel great. For me, this means being comfortable and chic, which I strive to do every day!

Statement Christmas Top

I love a good statement top, especially is it has sleeves. This top (previously seen here) is a current favorite in my wardrobe and I’d be kidding if I told you I wasn’t going to have it on repeat all season long. A dramatic bell sleeve gets me every single time. I know you’re probably tired of hearing me say that, but I just can’t help myself!

The material of this statement top is stretchy and breathable, meaning I can happily eat and drink my way through a party.

Comfy Black Slacks

I think we can all agree I’m a huge fan of black slacks, read more about that here. I love wearing slacks for Christmas because I can eat more in them! Again, is that ridiculous?

These high waisted black slacks are by one of my favorite Italian fashion houses: Armani. Armani creates the most wonderful women’s pantsuits, they’ve truly mastered the power pant. I always buy my pantsuits a little big, The fabric should not squeeze around your leg, it should drape.

The only garment more comfortable than slacks is a dress. To be honest, I’m more of a power pant-type kind of gal so I’ll typically choose a good pair of slacks over a dress.

Black Boots

Every gal needs to own a pair of amazing black boots to carry her through fall and winter. My favorites are a sturdy pair of chelsea boots. When I want to wear a heel I grab these bad boys (previously seen here). These black leather boots are perfect to wear with dresses, slacks, and jeans.

I hope you’ve gotten some ideas for what to wear for Christmas! Until next time. Happy Holidays!

Top: here and here

Slacks: here and here

Boots: here



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