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Hi, I’m Skyler and the creator of Navigating This. Thank you for taking the time to visit my site today!

My interest in design started when I was a kid. My dad was a developer and contractor and he built our family home. I knew I wanted to do the same thing when I grew up, so I followed in his footsteps by graduating with a degree in architecture and pursuing a career as an architect.

Only, that wasn’t enough for me. I wanted something faster paced than the architecture world and wanted to utilize my passion for travel, photography, and style.¬†Oh, and I needed to put to use the two closets full of vintage I was hoarding.

In early 2017 I created Navigating This to funnel all my passions into one place. As a result, I’ve moved to a new country, worked with wonderful brands, met amazing people, and most¬†importantly continued to grow.

I want to help women feel and look their best. I want to work with brands, new and old, that create amazing products. Most importantly, I want you to leave Navigating This feeling your absolute best.

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